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Join us to make Washington County a better place for all.

No Victim, No Crime

Many crimes create victims, but go unsolved. Many crimes prosecuted in Washington County don't have victims. Directing time and resources toward investigating and prosecuting these "victimless crimes" not only diverts resources away from keeping our community safe, it also wastes resources that could be better used to support our most vulnerable neighbors. 

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Defend Your Family

The current Washington County Attorney's Office sees you and your family as a profit center. If your family is dismembered by the Division of Child and Family Services, deputy county attorney Angela Adams may earn a fee by assisting in the adoption of your children by strangers.

Many deputy county attorneys receive a second income as contract prosecutors for cities and towns in Washington County. "Prosecution for profit" should no longer be the policy of the Washington County Attorney's Office.

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Safe Communities

Implementing evidence-based practices can both support the work of local law enforcement agencies, and improve safety in our communities. An ethos of "don't hurt people, don't take their stuff" fosters an environment of dignity and respect, leaving each of us in Washington County more free to pursue and enjoy the blessings of our liberty.

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Washington County Deserves Better
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